American Girl Camp-Lea & Samantha!

Wow, I cannot believe how much we have done so far this week in our camp. Crafts, games, and of course dancing.

Tuesday was “Lea” day. We learned that Lea traveled to Brazil and helps animals. During dance we learned the “cha-cha” and danced to Rio with ribbons. The dancers really got into this and I can say that they have all mastered the cha-cha. We had a tropical snack of fruit thanks to Penny. Penny even brought tropical plates for our “Lea” theme. We colored pictures from the rainforest while watching some of the Lea movie “on the wall”. We made a turtle swimming with lots of green paint! To continue with our Brazilian theme we dressed up for our Carnival. The dancers loved this and the helpers realized that little girls love to change their minds and try on lots of costumes! We made a conga line and danced to the Rio music. We finished our day playing the most fun game….American Girl BINGO! I had no idea how much fun and how engaged our dancers would be. We had a winner, Ella! We cheered her on with our “GOOD JOB chant”. We lined up for our lollipops and stickers and said goodbye!

Wednesday was Samantha day. The dancers knew a lot about her and quickly educated me. I liked that Samantha climbed trees, something I did a lot of when I was growing up. Oh, and I really like ice cream too! Isabella brought ICE CREAM SUNDAES for snack which we ate at 9:30! What a treat for the dancers. We learned a very sweet ballet dance to “Baby Mine” by one of my favorite singers Alison Krauss. Of course we danced with our dolls (or Ms. Elilee’s & Katie’s). We reviewed our Can-Can and Cha Cha in the “Big ballet room”. We learned how to do a proper Jete by jumping over sticks. I loved watching the dancers stretch their feet and legs. They tried so hard and took direction like pros. This makes me so excited about our day on Thursday. I have lots planned and I know we will get it done with these eager little learners! We have to prepare for our Parent Showcase which will be Friday at 11:30. Parents and friends are invited to join us in the “Big ballet room” to watch our American Girl showcase.


Miss Kim