ARMC Baby Fair

Miss Kim’s classes and Miss Betsy’s Jr. Co. will perform at this year’s ARMC Baby Fair on Saturday morning March 24th at 9:00am. Dancers please arrive dressed and ready at 9:00am. All dancers should have a secure, clean bun with no bangs. Dancers should wear their normal class attire. Jr. Co. may add a ballet wrap skirt. Please meet Miss Kim in the enrichment center downstairs from the Medical Mall at ARMC (across from the cafeteria). We will perform from 9:15-9:30 and then you may leave.

Order of Performance for Baby Fair

  1. Jr. Co.
  2. Monday 12:15 and Wed 5:00 (tap shoes)
  3. Wed 3:30 (ballet shoes)
  4. Tuesday 4:45 (tap shoes) Jarvis and Ben can wear black short/white shirt….anything is fine for the boys.
  5. Tuesday 5:30 (ballet shoes)
  6. Wed 5:45 (ballet shoes)