Creative Movement and Ballet Camp Day 1

Creative Movement and Ballet Classes Day 1
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Day 1

I rounded the corner this morning to find a little girl pressing her face into the door looking inside.  She was ready!  I opened the door and she walked right in…..I thought to myself “this girl is ready for dance class”.  The rest followed behind and our first ballet experience was off to a great start.  After introductions and a couple of fun creative movement songs we sat and talked about ballet.  I asked them questions…..

  1.  Why do you wear ballet shoes?  Because we are in ballet.  We are at dance class.  We dance.  To stand on our toes.  We like them.
  2. Why do you put your hair in a bun?  Because we spin.  It looks pretty.  I wear mine to the side.
  3. Where do you wear leotards and tights?  Because it is time for ballet.  Because.  Because she is good.

I love the answers the little girls gave me.  We then talked about these three questions and explained the answers.  We learned basic ballet terms today and how to skip.  We stretched our legs and pointed our feet.  The girls loved the beautiful music and did a wonderful job watching and mirroring Miss Lily and Miss Kenzie while practicing their new ballet steps.  They skipped to me and ballet bunny and learned to always curtsy at the end.  We made wands so that they can turn their dolls into ballerinas at home.  We finished with a hot air balloon ride….allegro and adagio of course.  What a great first day of ballet!


Miss Kim



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