Creative Movement and Ballet Camp with Miss Kim at BDC

Burlington Dance Center Creative Movement
Burlington Dance Center Creative Movement
Burlington Dance Center Creative Movement and Ballet Camp

This morning I was greeted by precious little girls anxious to step into my ballet room with the wooden floors.  One of my little dancers took me back 20 years because I taught her mom when she was little.  I remember it like it was yesterday… brown curly hair, spunky personality, and I even remember her “boogie woogie bugle boy” costume and dance.  This is actually the second mom from that particular class whose daughter I am now teaching.  What a wonderful experience to be able to be a part of a mom’s life and now her daughter’s… or it could mean I am getting old!

This camp is two hours filled with lots of fun, movement, learning, and simple crafts.  The dancers were transformed into ballerinas with a wave of my wand.  They learned several ballet terms and proudly showed them off to their parents when they arrived.  We had two boxes of “dress up” costumes and had so much fun going through them to find something just right for our dance party.  We put the tutus on and danced with our sparkly wands that we made all by ourselves.  After snack we finished our day with leaps over the flower (jete’).  The girls worked hard on pointing their toes, skipping, learning how to chasse, and walking like a ballerina.  After we finished Daddy Duck called and we had to go fishing.  That meant we got to do the parachute once again and fly away on a hot air balloon.  It was time to go and we lined up at Cinderella.  We reviewed everything we had done during camp and finished with a curtsy.

What will my ballerinas in training learn on Tuesday?  See you in the morning!


Miss Kim


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