Doria Worden: Where is She Now?

Doria Worden Burlington Dance Center

Doria Worden BDC
From Doria:
At the end of June, two years of being a trainee at Richmond Ballet came to an end. I moved to Wisconsin at the beginning of September to start work as an Apprentice with Madison Ballet. Finally, after many years of practice, it feels so good to be able to tell people that I am a professional dancer. Our season includes a lot of new works ranging from classical to contemporary by the artistic director and outside choreographers, and of course the Nutcracker. It is a small company, and the sense of family and closeness is already strong, even though we have only known each other for a couple weeks. Being able to do what I love everyday and call it my job is truly amazing.

My advice to young dancers is to never let their art form take control of their lives. Dancing should be in your life because you love it and because it makes you happy. Working hard is important, but knowing your worth is truly something every dancer should have. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, and deserves respect for their efforts. If you want to dance, there will always be a way for you to do it, even if it is not the way you planned originally.

Doria Worden Burlington Dance Center
Doria Worden, photo credit: Rachel Neville