First Day of Ballet

First Day of Ballet
It is the night before my new ballet year begins and I am filled with excitement thinking about the new little faces I will see tomorrow. I wonder if they have tried on their ballet shoes and pranced on their floors? I wonder about the feelings of mom and dad as they look at those little shoes. I wonder when they get tucked in bed tonight if they are thinking “tomorrow is ballet day”?

To my new students. This will be my 31st year of experiencing the “first day of ballet”. The feeling never gets old but instead even more inspiring. As I have grown as a mother myself and my children have grown up and moved on I realize these early years are so very sacred. I know it is only 45 min a week that I have with them but I grow to love these children in so many ways. I cannot wait to see the new personalities, to see them face challenges and tackle them, notice their strengths and weaknesses, and embrace their differences. I will love your children in a nurturing and caring way. Yes, it is so much more than just ballet with me.

To my returning students. I remember your “first day of ballet”. You will always be three to me and that image is burned into my brain. I get so much joy watching you grow and master your steps. Your confidence shines as you walk into your class. I will depend on you to show my new little ones how to take class. Your shoes are bigger and your hunger for more keeps me going. I am so proud of you.

To my former students. I will watch you walk into Miss Betsy’s and Miss Amanda’s rooms and know that you are ready. I feel like a mom of a kindergartener letting them go to school for the first time. I cannot wait to see what you will learn this year. It is the best feeling in the world when I get to watch you dance.

So, sleep well my little dancers….Miss Kim will see you soon!

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