Frozen Camp August 2014

My last Frozen Camp of Summer 2014 has come to an end. Over the weekend I was at The Dance Teacher Summit in NYC taking classes and in one of my children’s classes the instructor said “you have to do a Frozen Camp”…..I thought to myself “we are and it is amazing”.       Camp started Tuesday morning with some very excited little ones. This camp was quite special since I had two sets of groups according to ages.       I had my”little ones” (ages 3-5) and my “juniors” (ages 6-8).       I also had my incredible “big girl helpers” Callie, Riley, Aubrey, Abby, Emilee, Sade, and Laney. Camp would not run as smoothly without them….thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies! Thank you to the moms that provided such creative and yummy snacks.       Thank you to Mattie B’s Event Planning for providing our Frozen Room.

This week I had a couple of sweet moments I would like to share. I was playing “5 Little Ducks” with my little ones and did my normal routine of tapping all my ducks until only one is left and then she sits down.       After that I pretend to cry and look for my baby ducks. After I find them they all run and hug me. I had one little duck as me after “why was Mommy sad”? I told her that she couldn’t find her baby ducks and sweet Karis repeated for her own well-being “she found them and loved them right?” Yes, Karis, she sure did. I teach through stories and imagination and it is so comforting to see little ones live in my world for just a moment. It touched me because she allowed herself to be in that moment but just wanted to make sure everything was ok with Miss Kim. Another sweet moment was watching Callie braid all the little ones (and juniors) hair to look like Elsa. They lined up for that. Thank you Callie. I loved listening to the little conversations that were had this week. I loved the look of amazement from the campers when I told them they could throw toilet paper everywhere! Yes, you really can!

Thank you to the parents for sharing your children with me this week. Lots of memories were made. My last memory is FROZEN in my brain of little girls are cuddled up watching the movie lifting their cups for MORE popcorn. It was such a great week.

Highlights from the week!

  •    Frozen Talent Show from the juniors and Big Girls
  •    Frozen gloves
  •    Olaf cookies
  •    Playing with toilet paper, making Olafs
  •    Watching the Frozen Movie
  •    Our Coronation Day Showcase
  •    Yummy snacks

Thank you again!

Enjoy the pictures and video!


Miss Kim