Frozen Camp July 2014

I remember sitting, watching, and enjoying the movie Frozen while thinking to myself “I have to hold a Frozen Camp”. As I watched the movie I would make notes of ideas for games, snacks, crafts, and dances. Fast forward months later and we did it! I say “we” because I had tremendous help from ballet parents and Betsy Walker. Thank you to my “big girl” helpers. Without all of these people Frozen Camp couldn’t of happened. This has been a week to remember with holding a morning camp followed by an evening camp. I left each camp feeling so happy knowing we made some incredible memories.

Our highlights of the week:

  • Building snowmen with our Sparkling Play dough
  • Dressing up for Coronation Day
  • Entering our Frozen room for the 1st time
  • Frozen Talent Show
  • Frozen gloves
  • Olaf cookies
  • Playing with toilet paper, making Olafs
  • Watching the Frozen Movie
  • Listening to Princess Marley sing
  • Our Coronation Day Showcase
  • Yummy snacks

Thank you again!
Enjoy the pictures and video!


Miss Kim


Morning Camp Video

Evening Camp Video

Morning Camp Photo Gallery

Evening Camp Photo Gallery