Frozen Camp June 2014

I remember sitting, watching, and enjoying the movie Frozen while thinking to myself “I have to hold a Frozen Camp”. As I watched the movie I would make notes of ideas for games, snacks, crafts, and dances. Fast forward months later and we did it! I say “we” because I had tremendous help from ballet moms and Betsy Walker. Thank you to Jill Fisher for coming up with some amazing crafts. Thank you to the Frozen decorator extraordinaire Jessica Hogan! Thank you Todd… I did not forget you! Thank you to Tammye, Angela, Melissa, Whitley, and Gammy for the incredible Frozen snacks. Also, thank you to my “big girl” helpers. Without all of these people Frozen Camp couldn’t of happened. Thank you for helping me give these little girls a memory to last a lifetime.

Our highlights of the week:

  • Building snowmen with our Sparkling Play dough
  • Dressing up for Coronation Day
  • Entering our Frozen room for the 1st time
  • Frozen Talent Show
  • Frozen gloves
  • Olaf cookies
  • Playing with toilet paper, making Olafs

I could go on and on with activities and games we played. What I remember the most about this week are the sweet friendships made with the big girls and their little girls….the giggles, the hugs, and the dancing. I wish everyday could be Frozen Camp Day!

Miss Kim