July Princess Camp Day 2 at Burlington Dance Center

BDC July Princess Camp Day 2
BDC July Princess Camp Day 2

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Girls came in today and sat down with their big girl princesses who had something special to give them.  The big girl princesses made Rapunzel braids and attached them to their hair!  We had a whisp walk and it let us to our story time chair.  Today was Tangled!  After our story we had ballet time, stretched our legs, played with Miss Puffy, and went Through the Gates of Town.  Then Daddy Duck called and we had to go fishing.  After ballet time we went to the big girl ballet room and found golden balloons all over the floor (thank you Katelyn, Mary Margaret, and Allie).  We then made frying pans.  Once the music started, our Princesses started whacking the lanterns to keep them off the water and into the sky.  Next each Princess helper “tangled” their little princesses up in gold paper which then turned into a fun game of wrapping each other up!  Music playing, yellow paper in the air, balloons everywhere, laughter, and smiles.  After about 30 minutes of this the princesses were really sweaty and needed to take a break.  Snack time!  Lauren’s mom prepared the cutest jello boats complete with an orange slice.  Our drinks also had a yellow braid attached.  After snack we started making their beautiful purple lanterns but did not finish. Finally we ended with some amazing games of hide and seek, skipping to ballet bunny, and parachute.  See you tomorrow!

“Everyone has a dream” –Rapunzel

Miss Kim


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