July Princess Camp Day 3 at Burlington Dance Center

Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2 Day 3
Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2 Day 3

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I gathered my sweet little princesses together and told them we would have another wisp walk to “find our fate” for the day.  The wisps led us to a chair where I read The Little Mermaid… Princess Ariel Day!!!  After the story and explained that I had thought and thought about what I wanted to do for “Ariel Day”.  I remembered back when I was a little girl and how much I enjoyed building forts with pillow cushions, chairs, and sheets.  Over the years I have perfected this with my three sons.  So, I laid out large white bed sheets and the girls used markers to draw ocean creatures, plants, or just water. We then worked as a team and created our own “Ariel’s Grotto”, complete with blue balloons and lights on top. I turned the lights out, started the music, and turned each ballerina into a mermaid and they swam to their grotto and played, colored, and sang.  Sweet Olivia looked at me underneath the sea and said “thank you Miss Kim”, now that is the best feeling ever for a teacher.  Next we had an amazing snack of clam cookies, goldfish, and juice (thank you Olivia’s mom) in the grotto!  We practiced our ballet jumps over the eels and swam thru the whirlpool.  We also made our very own shell treasure box.  We ended camp in the grotto and waited for our parents to pick up in the room.  Some moms even got in the ocean with their daughters!  I also think my big girl ballerinas had just as much fun as the little ones. J  So until tomorrow sweet girls….

“I wanna see, wanna see ‘em dancing” –Ariel

Miss Kim


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