July Princess Camp Day 4 at Burlington Dance Center

July Princess Camp Day 4 at Burlington Dance Center
July Princess Camp Day 4 at Burlington Dance Center

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I am amazed at the personalities of my princesses this week. I love how vocal they are. They have so much to say and just sparkle when they talk. I have enjoyed meeting so many new little ones. Today we brought our story to life. My Princess helpers prepared the props, costumes, and scenes. We acted out each scene all the way until then end where we tried on the shoe. It only fit Cinderella. The special Cinderella snack was prepared by Sage’s mom and grandma today. We had strawberry mice and brooms made from cheese, pretzels, and Twizzlers… so cute! Thank you for making snack time extra special today for the princesses. Next we entered Ariel’s grotto to work on our Cinderella artwork. Just as we were coloring we received an invitation to attend the Ball. We quickly dressed in our finest and had a dance party at the Ball. Craft time was next and we made a Fairy Godmother wand… Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Our final activity was the carriage rides provided by Miss Kim! I could hardly walk after pulling all of the little princesses but the laughter made it all worthwhile. Tomorrow princesses will arrive in their Princess Dresses for our special Ball. Parents will arrive at 11:00 for a special performance. What a wonderful week we have had!

If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true” –Cinderella

Miss Kim


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