June Princess Camp Day 1 at Burlington Dance Center

Sleepy eyed ballerinas sat quietly playing with paper dolls while waiting for camp to being. It did not take long for them to wake up! Princess Aubrey and Princess Mason helped with our camp today and will be there all week long. We started our day with ballet class. We had ballet time, stretched our legs, played with Miss Puffy, and went Through the Gates of Town. Today was Tangled! The princesses made Rapunzel braids and attached them to their hair! We went into the lobby and found balloons lying all over the floor. We then made frying pans. Once the music started, our Princesses started whacking their balloons trying to keep them off the floor. Princess Academy started and we learned how to walk like a princess with a crown on our head and a wand in our hand. Princess Aubrey needed help! Next each Princess “tangled” their little princess friends up in gold paper which then turned into a fun game of wrapping each other up! Music playing, yellow paper in the air, balloons everywhere, laughter, and smiles. After about 30 minutes of this the princesses were really sweaty and needed to take a break. Snack time! Finally we ended with some amazing games, and parachute. My favorite moments of the day were seeing a very shy little Kenzie burst open with a huge smile playing one of our “Tangled” games, and watching Lilly run around with her ribbons laughing “this is fun, this is fun”. See you tomorrow!

“Everyone has a dream” –Rapunzel

Miss Kim