June Princess Camp Day 2 at Burlington Dance Center

Our camp finished way too fast! We started with our whisp walk to find our fate. Princess Merida’s Wisps are mysterious blue lights that seemed to be floating on the floor. The beautiful blue lights led us to our story time while the music played….Brave! We read the story Brave and learned about Princess Merida and her yearning to be wild and free. After the story we attended Princess Academy where we learned about manners and how to be a princess. The girls sat up so straight with our “ballet backs”. We crossed our ankles just so and placed our hands in our laps. We also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow just like Merida! Our birthday Princess Hazelle led the Archery class. We had Princess ballet class and learned several ballet steps and terms. Snack time consisted of BEARS! For our craft we made beautiful blue whisps. I loved hearing what the girls felt their fate would be. My favorite was a little girl saying she would be a teacher like her Mommy. We played Princess musical chairs and clapped together listening to the music. We had just enough time to take another Wisp Walk. This time it led us to a place to make our own Wisp. As Merida would say “wonder what our fate will be tomorrow”?


Miss Kim