Nutcracker Camp at BDC!

Burlington Dance Center Nutcracker Camp Day 1

Miss Kim’s Nutcracker came to life in July for the first time ever!  I have been bringing this classic Christmas story to life for over 10 years.  What started out with me simply reading this book to a group of preschoolers turned into a magical journey through the dream of a little girl named Clara.  I decided to hold a Nutcracker camp because dancers ask me all year long if I can do “Miss Kim’s Nutcracker”.

Dancers eagerly ran thru the door, sat down and put their shoes on.  A new little face asked me to help her with her shoes (tucking the strings in).  I asked her “who taught you already to tuck in your strings” she replied “my mommy…she was a ballerina”.  What a sweet moment… she wants to be like mommy.  We gathered together and warmed up our muscles.  Ouch!  We have not stretched in a while and we all felt it.  I told the girls it will be better each day.  We then read the story and decided to act out two scenes.  We assigned pictures for each girl to create.  We hung them on the wall for all to see.  Jenna was so excited to see her masterpiece hung up.  She said “you mean you are putting it on the wall Miss Kim”… while jumping up and down.  It was time to bring our story to life with the music.  Miss Justine is just so graceful and adds beautiful choreography to the special parts.  The girls follow her like little ducklings.  Miss Justine taught them special parts to the snow scene.  I loved being the audience during this part.  There are moments like this where I look at each little girl and then I look at the older girl: it will be a blink of an eye when those little ones will be her age.  I locked that memory of those little feet in my brain.

Snacks and talk time were next.  We talked about what we have done this summer.  We talked about school and how we are.  We talked about little brothers and sisters.  We also asked Miss Justine to tell us when she is working at Cold Stone and Local Yogurt (go see her!).  We then worked up a major sweat with the freeze game, Miss Kim says, and creative movement activities.  Next was one of the best activities of the day… keep it simple right… Nutcracker vs. Mouse King hide-and-go-seek!  It was so much fun.  I will let the girls tell the Mommies were we hid instead of writing it down!  We finished the day reviewing the snow scene.  We had our reverence and said good bye.  See you tomorrow as we visit the land of the sweets!


Miss Kim


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