Nutcracker Camp-Showcase Day!

Burlington Dance Center Nutcracker Camp
Burlington Dance Center Nutcracker Camp click for photo gallery…

I have been without internet all week so I was unable to post on day 2 and 3.

This week we were visited by princesses from around the world.

  • First there was the Snow Princess from the North Pole who gave snowflakes to us (the dancers created them).  The girls danced with the Snow Princess and learned beautiful ballet steps from her.
  • Next was the Spanish Princess.  She gave the girls the gift of chocolate.  She showed us a fancy dance with fancy arms.  The girls danced with the Spanish Princess and ate their chocolate  (m&m’s).
  • The next princess was an Arabian Princess with a beautiful pink outfit.  She had elegant hand motions that the girls worked so hard perfecting.  The Arabian Princess gave us the gift of coffee.
  • The next gift was tea from a Chinese Princess.  We loved her quick, small movements as well as her amazing turns.  She showed us how to hold our fingers and cross our arms.
  • The final princess was a Flower Princess.  She gave the girls beautiful pink flowers and showed us how to make our arms look like flower petals.  We opened and closed our arms to the soft music.

We all danced the Russian dance together and the Princesses even stayed with us when Mother Ginger arrived.  Mother Ginger hid all the girls under her skirt and when they escaped they danced with one of the princesses.

What an awesome experience as an instructor to see so many special moments… little girl’s faces as they look at the princesses… watching the older girls perform for the little ones… watching, with enormous pride, my assistant Miss Justine develop her own style of teaching the little ones… and so much more.

Thank you to the parents for allowing your daughters to take my Nutcracker Camp, to Miss Justine for helping me, to Charlotte, Lily, Rachel, Harper, Bailey, Blair, and Elizabeth for being my beautiful princesses, and to Betsy Walker for being so supportive and encouraging.

Miss Kim



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