Princess Ball at BDC!

Princess Ball at BDC!
Princess Ball at BDC! (photo gallery)

Today was the last day of our princess camp.  We finished up our camp with Snow White.  We made a soft, red apple to dance with but know that we CANNOT eat the apple!  Past days have included Ariel where we made a treasure box with beautiful shells, Cinderella where we made a broom, and Belle where we made crowns and a notebook.  Thank you to Jill Fisher for your amazing crafts!  Each day we were invited by Betsy to join the big girls in ballet class.  Yesterday was very special because each big girl ballerina got to pick a little ballerina to dance with.  They skipped across the floor with their little princesses.  Even Miss Betsy skipped with Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilly!

Today the princess showcased their Princess Dance for their parents.  The girls were all dressed in the favorite princess costume.  As we formed the circle to end the dance I was overwhelmed with pride as I watched little faces smile in delight….they were so proud of what they had done.  I really think some thought they were the princess they were portraying… the magic of imagination.  Soon they will not fit in those little princess dresses and they will be the big girl ballerinas… the ones that I bring the little girls to.   What a wonderful week we had!


Miss Kim


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