Princess Camp 2016 Week 2 Princess Ball

Week two brought so many memories. I think something that stands out the most was watching the dancers with their big sisters. The bonds made were very strong. I was touched when I saw one of my sweet dancers give her big sister flowers on Friday. I tell the assistants that this week is all about the little ones. What they thought was “a job” turned into a beautiful, fun week of new friendships.

Our Princess Ball was just perfect. Every dancer skipped in (or walked) in all by themselves. This is such a huge accomplishment for these young dancers. These amazing little princesses with their princess dresses on wait until they hear their name and skip in front of 60 parents with a smile on their faces. I get emotional every time I see this happen. It is a huge step and one these little ones master…complete with a curtsy.

Dancers performed their dances for parents and Elsa came to sing! She was so beautiful and dressed for the occasion. Thank you Elsa! Thank you parents for sharing your sweet princesses with me this past week. They were so much fun and they learned a lot!


Miss Kim