Princess Camp 2018 Day 1

Preparation for Princess Camp starts way before the little girls arrive. Decorations were purchased a year ago, supplies ordered a month ago, and craft ideas saved on Pinterest throughout the year. All of this leads to this day…the day when I see little princesses come through the door and follow the music. I could not do this without my “big sister” helpers. They help make camp run perfectly smooth while providing personal attention to each dancer.

Camp flew by with our normal camp routine of playing, getting to know each other, dance class, princess dance of the day, crafts, snack, and of course parachute. The half-day campers left at noon while my full day campers started their lunch. Our movie time was so needed and I really enjoyed this time with the dancers. We all stopped, got comfortable on our mats, the room got quiet and we enjoyed a movie together. I think I had numerous little dancers in my lap and lots of snuggles. After the movie we made another Elena craft and played the color game.

I was really proud of how well my youngest princesses listened and performed. My older princesses were fantastic as well and provided some leadership for their younger friends. I hope they all sleep well because we have a big day planned for tomorrow!


Miss Kim