Princess Camp at BDC

Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2012
Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2012
Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2012 (photo gallery)


14 little ladies turned into pretty princesses today! All their names had “ella” added to he end. We were so lucky to have princesses “Charlotte-ella” and “Lily-ella” join us as well as the evil Stepmother Justine-ella. I got to be the fairy Godmother.

The pretty princesses stretched their legs and learned some ballet steps. Next, the clock struck midnight and we had to quickly chasse and leap over the magic wand before our carriage turned back into a pumpkin. Every princess made a beautiful door hanger for the princess room. After a snack made for a princess, we played the princess sticker game. We also visited Miss Betsy’s room and watched the big girl ballerinas on their pointe shoes. Some of the princesses tried to hold their leg up like the big girls. We then split up into three groups with two being Cinderella groups and one being the evil stepmother and stepsister group. While Cinderella was supposed to be working the stepmother and stepsisters hid from her! Cinderella wanted to go to the ball so she had to go find them! (Hide and go seek was their favorite) We opened the princess door and there stood a real live princess… Ms. Jill. Ms. Jill had her princess table perfectly assembled ready for her little princesses. All the princesses made a broom to dance with (not clean with!) It had their “ella” name on it as well. The girls danced with their brooms to the Cinderella song. They worked on pointing their toes and keeping their legs straight. Some were able to do sauté arabesque with their broom!

We ended with the parachute and Cinderella stickers. Each princess curtsied to the fairy Godmother and said “thank you”.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Miss Kim


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