Princess Camp at Burlington Dance Center – Day 1

Princess Merida’s Wisp Walk


BDC Princess Camp 2013 Day 1
Princess Camp at Burlington Dance Center Day 1

Today’s Photos!

Day 1 finished way too fast! Eager little ballerinas arrived this morning ready for adventure. We saw a door that said “shhh..”. We opened the door and heard beautiful music playing. The room was illuminated with mysterious blue lights that seemed to be floating on the floor. We followed the blue lights and realized they were Princess Merida’s Wisps. The Wisps led us to the forest where we had story time. We read the story Brave and learned about Princess Merida and her yearning to be wild and free. After the story we attended Princess Academy where we learned about manners and how to be a princess. We also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow just like Merida! From there we colored our Merida game sheets and played a musical Brave game. Princess hide and go seek was a huge hit with many giggles….especially from me! Snack time was next and witches brew was served along with bear claws! Mrs. Jill arrived and made beautiful tapestries with the princesses. It was precious seeing what they felt symbolized their family….horses, rainbows, cupcakes, people, hearts, etc. What a beautiful thing to hang in a princess’ room to remind her of the love of family. We had just enough time to take another Wisp Walk. This time it led us to a place to make our own Wisp. As Merida would say “wonder what our fate will be tomorrow”?


Miss Kim



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