Princess Camp Day 2 & 3

Yes, I am a mom of three boys. I can name all of the Thomas the Tank Engines, dinosaurs, and Marvel Characters. I have played in mud, climbed trees, collected bugs, attended hundreds of football games (pee wee, midget, mites, middle school, high school, and college) and built lots of fires. By being a ballet teacher I get to dive into another world of pure sweetness. Yes, when I am around my students I am not just a ballet teacher but a story teller that uses imagination to spark little brains. Through images dancers can easily point a foot, straighten a leg, bend a knee, and raise up in a perfect releve. Words are so powerful. I can actually see a young child’s brain working to remember a term or movement that I have previously taught them by using a story to help them visualize and execute. It is remarkable and makes me so proud. I saw this in the past three days of camp even from the youngest dancer mimicking my movements and whispering the sound of the ballet term to the oldest who understands that using their plie will help them leap higher.

Summer is all about camps. Princess Camp is in full swing right now. During princess camp we have princess training in how to walk, sit, and clap. We had a full ballet class and play games. We color, make princess crafts and learn dances to the princess of the day. On Tuesday I watched a 4 year old truly believe she was Moana as she stood on her boat and balanced with her arms. Yesterday I had several princesses tell me that Belle was their favorite princess. Each day we have learned a dance for the princess of the day. The dancers are so expressive in their movements, face, and singing. During these moments I am reminded how much this means to them, it is a really big deal. I do not take that lightly and it motivates me to be the best I can be for them.

I wish I could share every moment with each parent but it is just too much to write. Your little ones are having so much fun. Musical chairs was a hit and Mackenzie ended up being the winner while young Noelle gave her some tough competition. Sweet Layla has stolen everyone’s heart with her wiggles. The older girls are learning how to do a cartwheel and other acrobatic tricks. We have made a beautiful stained glass window and a sparkling castle. Today we will make more memories and prepare for our Princess Ball. Time to go!


Miss Kim