Princess Camp Day 3

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Girls came in today with sleepy eyes and tired faces. I know exactly how they feel. That quickly morphed into bright eyes and comments after I revealed that today would be Rapunzel! After our story we used golden strands to make our magical braid and clipped into our hair. We then made frying pans and entered the dance room which was filled with white lanterns. Once the music started, our Princesses started whacking the lanterns to keep them off the water and into the sky. Next each Princess helper “tangled” their little princesses up in gold paper which then turned into a fun game of wrapping each other up! Music playing, yellow paper in the air, balloons everywhere, laughter, and smiles. Home run. After about 30 minutes of this the princesses were really sweaty and needed to take a break. Snack time! (this made Macy very happy) We made towers out of ice cream cones, coated them with icing, and put Princess gummies all over! Yes, we then ate them! We entered Ariel’s Grotto to take a break and do some coloring. Miss Jill and the little princesses made their beautiful purple lanterns. Finally we ended with some amazing games of hide and seek…..good hiding today ladies! Parents arrived as we were having one more session of frying pans and lanterns and we said good-bye. See you tomorrow!

“Everyone has a dream” –Rapunzel

Miss Kim


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