Princess Camp June 2016 – Day 1 Morning Camp

Princess Camp-Day 1 June 2013
I must start this blog by sending thanks to my amazing assistants. Without you I could not be “Miss Kim”. You were wonderful. A special thank you to Kelsey Morrison who basically handled the most important aspect which is safety. With all this help I could concentrate on the dancers, teach, and enjoy their experience.

Our morning started with play dough and puzzles. Next the dancers got to meet their “Big Sister”. Their big sister stays with them throughout the camp helping them in every way from how to do a proper 1st position to snack time to crafts. We transitioned into ballet class where the dancers either reviewed steps they already knew or learned for the first time. We played games and then prepared for our special snack. Coloring while listening to Snow White music was next followed by a mirror craft. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”. We changed it up a little to describe our family. For example, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the best lego builder of them all”?

To end the day we learned how to fly, played with the parachute, learned a proper curtsy, and then skipped with our big sister. It was a fantastic first day of camp and I cannot wait until morning.

Miss Kim