Princess Camp June 2016-Week 2

Burlington Dance Center Princess Camp 2
Monday morning brought in a new set of ballerinas (and prince) as well as returning assistants and new ones! Let the fun begin! Dancers quickly set into playing with their new friends with puzzles and play dough. After an introduction the dancers got to choose their “Big sister” for the week. Big sisters are a very important part of camp. They take care of their “little sister/brother” all week long.

Monday was Snow White day. We made mirrors and played the apple game. We had an adorable apple snack prepared by Madelyn and Abigail’s Mommy & Daddy. Tuesday was Rapunzel day. We made beautiful “hair” crowns and feasted on Rapunzel cupcakes and pretzel sticks made by Maryn and Britton’s Mommy. The dancers got all “Tangled Up” and insisted on taking some of the purple and yellow paper home! I am curious if any parents had to get wrapped up once they got home.

I am excited to see what Wed will bring!


Miss Kim


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