Spring Concert 2012 Information

Please note: Miss Erin and Betsy will hold their classes next week. Miss Kim will not have class for her little ones since we will have a three day dance week.

Junior and Senior Company:

  • Wed May 23rd Dress Rehearsal at 4:00: Please arrive dressed and ready for Carnival of the Animals (the dancers that are involved).
  • Call for both Thursday and Friday is 5:00.


Miss Kim and Miss Erin’s dancers:

  • Wed May 23rd 4:00: Arrive in costume at the Paramount Theatre (in the lobby) 128 East Front Street in downtown Burlington. Pick your daughter up at 5:00 in the lobby.
  • Thursday May 24th and Friday May 25th 5:30: Arrive in costume at the Paramount. Please bring your dancer to the back stage area of the Paramount which is located directly behind the Paramount. There is a door and we will have it labeled. Please have your dancer’s bag with them that has a screw top water bottle and some dry snacks such as gold fish/animal crackers.
  • Pick up at Concert: There will be an intermission after Carnival of the Animals. You come around to the back entrance (same place you drop your dancer off) and pick up your dancer. If you plan on staying for the rest of the concert please allow your dancer to sit on your lap….if you see a vacant seat of course you can use it. Please be mindful when you are picking up your dancer backstage that the older girls are running around getting dressed and ready for the 2nd half of the show and only have 15 minutes. You may want to go straight to the lobby for pictures and gifts for your special dancer.
  • Flowers: Yes, most dancers get flowers or some little token after dancing. I am telling this to my first time families so your daughter does not ask “where are my flowers”.
  • Hair and Makeup: We want a secure, clean bun with a hairnet around it. You can purchase these at any drug store. Light makeup such as blush, lipstick, and mascara and encouraged but it is simply the parent’s decision if their dancer wears this or not.
  • Supervision: Please know that your dancer will have a member or two of the Sr. and Jr. Companies with them backstage at all times as well as our backstage Mommies: Mrs. Fisher (Nevi’s mom), Mrs. Joyner (Emma Kate’s mom), and Mrs. Westcott (Langdon’s mom). They will be sitting in groups according to their class/animals. I will also be with them. If you would like to help out I would love 1-2 moms to be a backstage mom for Miss Kim and Miss Erin’s classes.
  • DVD’s: We will have DVD’s for sale at the studio during our open house from 4-6 on May 30th.

Did you see the paper today? They have a little story announcing our Spring Concert next week featuring our beautiful Abby Misenheimer. Thanks to Charity Apple for doing the story and Marie Janseen for taking that amazing picture

The remaining tickets will be for sale during the hours of 5:30-6:30 at the studio.

Thank you for being part of our family here at Burlington Dance Center. If you have not looked at our summer schedule please do so. We have many summer dance opportunities. Our fall schedule will be ready after Spring Concert.

Kim Black and Betsy Walker


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