Summer 2015 Master Classes

African and Bollywood Master Classes

Burlington Dance Center proudly announces Master Classes for August. Dancers will be enriched through movement and music as well as learn the culture and history of these art forms. Come dressed in comfortable, free moving clothing or dancewear. No shoes required, bare feet are acceptable for these classes.

African Dance with Nicole “Shaliah” Haith

  • July 31st 5:30-7:30 ages 7-11 $15
  • August 1st 9am-noon ages 11-adult $20
Nicole “Shaliah” Haith with Chuck Davis
Nicole “Shaliah” Haith with Chuck Davis
Nicole “Shaliah” Haith
Nicole “Shaliah” Haith

Nicole “Shaliah” Haith is a talented professional dancer who has been dancing for more than 35 years, with over 20 years experience conducting residencies in schools across the US. Born and raised in New York City, she began her love for dance at the early age of three. As a child she studied ballet, modern, tap and jazz at the LaRoque Bey School of Dance, the Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Harlem School of the Arts. Feeling called to the dance of Africa, Shaliah went on to study with Nafissa Shariff and dance for several leading African dance companies, including the Kowteff African Dance Company, Djoule Africa, the Mamadou Dahoue Dance Company, and currently, the Chuck Davis African-American Dance Ensemble. Her experience led her to also work with the companies such as the Opus Dance Theatre, the Gallman Newark Dance Theatre, and the Nommo Contemporary Dance Theatre. She has also choreographed for pop artists such as “Musique,” and toured extensively throughout Europe as well as become the Co-Founder of a family cultural organization called… NEWINCENTIVE (NCA) Shaliah’s concept…… Dancing is an expression of a physical, psychological and spiritual state of being that enables people to give meaning and context to their greatest joys, hopes, frustrations, fears or sorrows. This expression contributes to a sense of wholeness.

Bollywood Dance with Kajal Parikh

  • August 22nd 9:30-11:30 ages 11-adult $20
Kajal Parikh: Dance to Express, not to impress !
Kajal Parikh: Dance to Express, not to impress !

Namaste! My name is Kajal and I reside near Greensboro NC. Though, an Engineer by training and profession, teaching Math, Engineering and dancing defines my passion and music is one of the languages I speak very fluently. My love affair with dancing began from the day I could walk. My mom has been my first inspiration teaching me to ‘perform’ spiritually on stage ever since I was 2 years old in school, social gatherings and parties in front of hundreds of people. I have performed in several dance competitions, fashion and culture shows, and too many weddings to count. My inspiration and idol is Madhuri Dixit – a top notch Bollywood actor and dancer.

The music and dances in Bollywood films are a synthesis of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance traditions, with the infusion of Western techniques. Bollywood dances have evolved as a unique and energetic style. The choreography of Bollywood dances takes inspiration from Indian folk dances, classical dances as well as disco and from earlier Hindi film dances.
I have received training in Bollywood fusion semi classical dance by Mr. Vinay (Vinay’s dance academy) in Ahmedabad, India. Also, I received training for Garba at the very famous ‘Zankar group of garba’ (Chirag Patel and Sachin) and after 5 years of consistent learning, they hired me to teach Raas-Garba at the same institute where I taught for about 5 years. After moving to the United States, I lived in Philadelphia, PA where I also taught various age-groups from all ethnic groups for 8 months before I moved to NC in 2003. I have been teaching in NC for about 4 years now at my own institute ‘Diya’s Dance Academy’ as well as other private institutes. I also choreograph for private parties and weddings. I love to dance- it gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind when I dance and honestly feel closer to nature when I dance.

I like to blend in the various dance forms but basically ground to Bollywood style and would like to create an importance of diversity with the help of arts among the community. I would love to be able to encourage my students and audience to broaden their cultural knowledge of dance. I am very excited for the increasing interest in Indian art and culture taken by the mainstream media, and look forward to promoting artistic awareness by spreading my own passion for dance.

I also plan to use dance as a form of promoting physical fitness and inner peace for everyone. For me, dance is like a form of yoga, which synchronizes the inner biorhythms with the movements of the body. Some of my long time adult students have been in my classes for several years and developed dance as a hobby, a fitness model and a method to develop inner harmony and self confidence. I truly believe that the folks of Burlington will benefit a lot from this class that I propose to offer. There is an increasing interest to create a workout routine with the help of some artistic ground among not only the Indian community but also local folks from here. I believe people will admire this Bollywood style dance form and will get in the groove fast by moving their body rhythmically. It was my dream to impart my favorite subject (Dance) to others who are even slightly interested. They do not have to be experienced at all – all they need is a ‘want’ to learn – I am here to change lives and make many dreams come true.

LEVEL: All levels. Absolute Beginners or those looking for an occasional Bollywood immersion with some focus on Technique and a lot of focus on FUN.
BENEFITS: Understanding of the basic footwork, hipwork and arm movements necessary to dance to Bollywood music. Exposure to the latest and authentic Bollywood music. Fun team outing or group activity with friends or coworkers. Great workout and stress release

Kajal Parikh: Dance to Express, not to impress !

Click here to register. Limited spaces available.