What is the right age to get serious about dancing?

As a child who started my ballet training at the age of 8, I was already behind the curve. Ballet helps to teach your child grace, poise and discipline.

The dance studio where I spent my younger years was an amazing inspiration – we constantly watched the older dancers preparing for performances and recitals with stars in our eyes. Even at a young age we understood the hard work it took to develop into these beautiful ballerinas. I threw myself into the practice with everything I had and still couldn’t catch up with the girls in my classes. There were many times that I thought – If only I had started a few years earlier. I was told numerous times “If you would just work harder, you could be a prima-ballerina (a soloist)!” I constantly felt like I was giving it all – I practically lived at the studio.

The realization hit me years later. When you start your child at age 3 with fun and inspiring dance classes, their body begins to learn the muscle memory it takes to accelerate their technique. There is a delicate balance for a teacher between pushing to learn positions (especially for ballet) and finding how the movement can be fun. When your child loves dance and then can be given the opportunity to “get serious” at a young age, it sets them up for an amazing experience as a dancer.

So what then is the right age to “get serious”? From my experience about the age of 5 is when a child begins to show a real dedication to dance. By the age of 5, as a teacher, you can see a child’s developing potential and the desire to really work their way into a elite ballet program. Dance class at this young age is fun, but to be a ballerina, it takes dedication and hard work from very young age.

As a parent of a budding ballerina princess, don’t you want to give your child the best opportunity to become the most amazing dancer if it’s their heart’s desire?